We visited New Orleans in April, 2005, with Jean-Louis, Josette, and Benoit from France.  Here are a few of our memories.

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Statue of le Sieur de Bienville, who founded New Orleans in 1717 - in the French Market area.

Statue in honor of immigrants - on levee at Mississippi River Statue of Jeanne d'Arc - in French Market area

Downtown New Orleans

Inside a trolley on Canal Street

Very fancy, decorated VW on Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street

French Quarter shopping

There are many, many clubs in the French Quarter.

French Quarter

Fancy fence (corncob) on Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street

Typical building with balcony

Penthouse high above the French Quarter

Street musicians are everywhere!

Shops in Jackson Square

Street sign

Here's Jean-Pierre at Galatoire Restaurant in the French Quarter, wearing their jacket because it was required, and the weather was too warm for outer wear!

Court of Appeals in the French Quarter

The Cathédrale St. Louis
At a bar in the French Quarter:  Barbara, Jean-Louis, Benoit. A delicious cheesecake, one of my weaknesses!
Jean-Pierre and Josette eating
Horse-drawn carriage in the French Quarter The French Quarter


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