We had dinner at Antoine's restaurant with Jean-Louis, Josette, Benoit, and their friends who traveled with them from France.  We also had breakfast at Brennan's Restaurant, a not-to-be-missed experience.

The brothers Granju at Antoine's Barbara, Josette, Benoit
Here I am with Josette and Benoit during dinner. A delicious bread pudding, my weakness!
  Crown of the King of Mardi Gras.
Wall of memories at Antoine's.  
Breakfast at Brennan's, the best way to start the day!
My Eggs Hussarde at Brennan's, a dish like Eggs Benedicte with a slight addition by Brennan's;  it's their specialty. Preparing Bananas Foster at Brennan's
Bananas Foster . . . yummy!!  What a way to end the meal, even if it was breakfast!  Jean-Pierre had his favorite, Key Lime Pie.

Then we had lunch at the Commander's Palace, a fantastic experience!

The Commander's Palace
Barbara and Jean-Pierre enjoying yet another great meal!
Outside the Commander's Palace . . . some trees have really big roots!
Lafayette Cemetery, where people are buried above the ground because New Orleans is so low!